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Important information, Timing, Seasons, Entry Fee and night view of Taj Mahal

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The Taj mahal construction started in 1632 and completed in 1653. Taj Mahal was built in 32 million rupees (Estimated) and it took 21 years in completion. The money would be around 52.8 billion rupees (USD 827 Million) in 2015.

Taj Mahal Entry Fees

Serial no.TouristAmount INR
1.Foreign Tourist1100/-+200/- additiona for Visting Main Mausoleum (optional)
2.Citizens of SAARC & BIMSTEC Countries540/-+200/- additional for visiting main Mausoleum (optional)
additional for visiting main Mausoleum (optional)

Important Note:-

1.There is no entry fees for children below 15years (Both Indian & foreigner).

2. Ticket widows opens one hour before sunrise and closes 45 min before sun set.

3. Tickets can also be purchased from online through www. asiagracircle . in &

4. Taj Mahal is closed on every Friday due to Prayer for Muslims.

5. Drone Camera, Walky Talky and Any flying object is not allowed inside.

6. Tourist must take their Identity cards.

7.Water bottles are allowed and you may take your shoe cover as on actual moment site does require shoe cover before visiting.

8. To Visit main mausoleum, tourist have to buy the separate ticket.

Taj Mahal Opening and closing Time

In Day:- Taj Mahal opens 30 min before sunrise and closes 30 minute before sun set (06:00 am to 06:30 pm) except Friday.

Every Friday, Taj Mahal is closed and only accessible to Muslims during afternoon for Prayer.

In Night:- Taj Mahal Night view is only available on 5 days in a month. One can witness the this picturesque monument on Full moon, two days before and two days after on Full moon. It is closed on Friday and on the Month of Ramadan. Ramadan (2019) will last May 6 to June 4. Night view of Taj Mahal is allowed between 08:30pm to 12:30 am.

*All full moon times are GMT (Grenwich Mean Time). Taj Mahal is open on Holi Festival.

For night Visit , the tickets can be purchased 1 days beforehand from the office of Archeological Survey of India (address: Agra Circle, 22 The Mall, Agra).

There is a limitation of 400 visitors in night and they will be sent in batch of 50 for a maximum time of 30 min.

Best Season to Visit

This Iconic monument can be visited but October to March the best time.

One should visit the Taj Mahal to early in the morning as the crowd will be very less and Taj Mahal looks stunning in golden rays and radiates like it is made of gold.

June to September is Rainy season (Monsoon) so one does not get much time to Enjoy the Monument.

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