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Design and Architect of Taj Mahal

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The Main Mausoleum of Taj Mahal

The structure of Taj Mahal is situated on a square platform raised 50 meter above the riverbank on southern side of Yamuna River. The Monument is 73 m (240 ft) in height with 6 meter plinth.

The main structure has 4 minarets surmounted by 8 column chhatri. Each Minaret is divided in three parts consisting balconies.

The dome has a finial on top of it which used to be of gold and it was replaced later. Lotus decoraction just belowFinial which prominent hindu symbol used in Taj Mahal.

The dome is in onion shape and has a cylindrical base. The Taj Mahal has chamfered edged on sides and it is built on wide square plinth.

There are 4 Chattri with small finial on top of them. There are e all decorative sprial around all the chamfered edges know as Guldasta. The Top finial has the Islamic icon with (Meraheest)

“Allah” written in Arabic language. The main entry gate has a huge Iwan with beautiful Arabic calligraphy on Spandrel.

The base has a beautiful work of pietra dura. The main dome of the Taj Mahal is situated on equidistant from all 4 Minaret. Minarets are 39.62 meters in height with 41.75 meters away from Tomb wall. The top finial is decorated with lotus motif which is the impression of Hindu architect on this exotic monument.

There are 4 Chhatri on top of Chemferred wall beautifully decorated with small Cupola. Each Chhatri also has small finial on top of cupola and have 8 carved columns.

There are two symmetric structure nearby . One of which is a Mosque and other one is it’s Jawab (Answer).

The inside architect

Taj Mahal is a perfect fusion of Indian Hindu , Mughal, Persian and Islamic architect. Shah Jahan has brought the artisan, in-layer, masons, stone cutter and calligrapher from Central Asia, Iran and from India.

There is big Iwan on Entry door and there is a Pietra dura work on Spandret space . One can also see the majestically inlaid precious and semi precious stone in Spandrel.

Arabic Calligraphy in which the verses from Holy book Quran has been chiseled beautifully in marble .

There are vines, leaves and floral patterns intertwined together in Pietra Dura. Semi-precious and precious stones were cut and fitted in pleasing patterns, shapes and designed. After cutting , polishing and designing, these stones were inlaid in Marble with a unique blend of mixture to hold on place.

Inside there are two illusory tomb in the main chamber. The actual grave are in other chamber just below illusory tomb (graves). The Tomb of Mumtaz Mahal is smaller than the Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan was entombed here later after his death just beside his love. There are 99 beautiful name of Allah inscribed on real graves in Arabic Language.

There are stunning marble screen just around the illusory cenotaph (tomb) . It is so delicate that one can mesmerized by the fine craftsmanship of artisans. One can see the captivating relief work on marble. Floral designs, vines, enchanting patterns and flowers are chiseled in relief work. There are charming archways and cloisters in Main compound of Taj Mahal.

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