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Myths and Conspiracy about Taj Mahal

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The Exquisite beauty , Taj Mahal, is always been a place of admiration and a pictureque world monuments. There are many conspirracys and mysths about it since its constructions. There are many a theories which built over the period of time, a temple, story of construction of Black Taj mahal and having 100s of Lord shiva statues in Secret chambers of Taj Mahal.

The Construction of Black Taj Mahal

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier visited the Agra in 1665 and he mention in his fanciful writings that Shah Jahan wanted to build a Black Taj Mahal just across the Yamuna River. There are remains of moonlight garden on place today and he said that he was deposed before he could start the construction by his own son
Aurangzeb. There are blackened marble across the moonlight garden which seems to support the theories. In 1990s, the excavation was done but it was found that those are only the discolored white stones due to rain, time and sunlight over the period.  

There is one more myth about dimemberment the craftmans, masons and stone carver by Shah Jahan. It is said that he ordered to mutilate the people involved in the construction of Taj mahal so that such structure can not be built again. There is no such evidence , book or reference which supports this theory. Some stories suggests that people who constructed the site , had signed contracts not to take part in construction similar design.

P.N.Oak filed a petition in 2000 in india’s Apex court claiming Taj Mahal being a prominent Hindu Temple. He provided some evidence for his claims. Similar attempts were done after this in 2005 by Amar Nath Mishra

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